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Yes, we trainers are human and have experiences just like you in this thing called life.Most of us have to pay attention to our lifestyle and food choices in order to maintain what we want from our body. I have to schedule my own workouts as I do not work out with my clients. I have to be mindful of food choices and daily habits in my life. Like most people, I have not been blessed with a super fast metabolism in my genetics.

So today, I thought I would share a recent experience of mine when life got a little, shall we say, stressful. I ignored taking care of myself, so yes, I gained unwanted weight. 

My first clues were signals from my body. My knees and lower back began to hurt. I was feeling tired and my workouts were falling to the wayside. I also felt my clothes fitting a little tighter (ok, honestly, a lot tighter) and I told myself, “Hmm, they must be shrinking in the dryer.” Good gosh, I am so human!

I realized I had not been on the scale for months! So off I went jumping on the scale, thinking maybe I gained a few pounds. But NOOOO… it was a whole lot more than a few! 

My first reaction was to beat myself up and shame myself, for how could I let this happen!

I have a healthy life with so much knowledge about staying fit and healthy. What’s wrong with me! This needs to come off NOW!!!! I won’t go on to say what other thoughts raged through my head, but I stopped. My own words that I say so often to others came to my mind: be kind, be compassionate and appreciate your body because it’s a blessing. Be patient. You got this. 

So, to start my way back to where I want to be, I highlighted all the wonderful things that my body does for me, such as carrying me on amazing hikes, and hearing and seeing the world around me. The list went on. Then I began to see what I had been through in the last year that set me off course. 

The stress of caring for the love of my life through cancer treatment, expanding my business, moving houses, making major life decisions, the loss of my mom and its toll on me, getting older, worry about my aging Dad and stepmom… During each one of these moments, I felt strong and happy, but maybe deep down it all added up. I am human, after all. 

So my first step to get a handle on my unwanted weight gain was to analyze my daily behaviors. 

I needed to manage my stress, so first I made a list of what I had control over, and what I didn’t. Then, I focused on letting go of what I did not have control over, and focused on what I could control, and tried to live life in the present. 

I joined a yoga class once a week to focus more on myself, and meditated to calm my body and mind.

I noticed after my first couple of yoga classes that I had become so disconnected, which led me to my next step.

I built a plan of what I wanted from my body. Then, I set up a schedule with cues to keep myself on track. With this system in place, I’m more mindful of meal portions and I’m eating only when I feel hungry. I realized that I had been using food to comfort and distract myself. Yes, I know better but it’s so weird how I had ignored myself. My own workouts have become a priority. They are also more focused and frequent. 

I again repeated to myself that everything is ok and today is a new day. I am so thankful that I noticed what was happening to me and that I’m taking charge to change my behaviors and working towards an outcome that I want for my body. I love my body!!! I care about me!!!

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