Mindful Nutrition Coaching

Can you  imagine waking up each day feeling full of energy and tackling life with gusto! Your body moves with ease and your mind sharp and clear.

Are you ready to open your mind to a new way of thinking about food, a new way of relating to food?  This is not a diet … this is not a quick fix… this is sustainable change.

Nutritional Coaching offers a unique way to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Taking you on a journey to accept where you are today then begin building skills to move forward from this place with an ability to meet your true needs with clarity and certainty.

  • You’ll  learn about foods and what they can do for you or to you . Gaining skills on how to choose foods that best support your health.
  • You’ll be awakening your mind, body and senses.
  • You’ll gain a deeper understanding of your daily habits and behaviors towards food.
  • Focus will be on journey versus outcome.
  • Finding better health with alignment of body mind and spirit.

Coaching in person – Meeting with Coach Bonnie Sessions one on one, you’ll determine together a doable program and plan that will be designed to fit your goals and needs at your pace.

Coaching online – Is a powerful but gentle progressive 12 month journey {powered by pro coach platform} with Bonnie by your side as your coach. Each day you’ll receive an email that will direct you to your page. Here is where you’ll be given informative information (knowledge is power), and every two weeks new habits will be assigned to practice.

All will give you a solid nutrional foundation that can be practiced with ease.

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