As many of you may know me and that my history with cooking isn’t that great!

In fact I can’t tell you how many kitchen gadgets that my mom had given me in hopes of inspiring me to cook. Not only my mom but friends too! 💭

So what has inspired me to get it together and  begin to cook? My health is the true motivation of my cooking at home. As I’ve entered into my 60s my body speaks pretty loud when it’s not taken care of. You can workout all you want but at the end of the day what completes the health package is what you have been ingesting. Will share more of this story later but for now here’s my lastest in creative cooking…called leaving town gotta use it up!

Grass fed hamburger

chopped up  asparagus

chopped kale what was left in fridge

1/2 onion (sitting in fridge)

black rice left over

cerlry two stocks

tomatoes 1

garlic cloves about 3

herbs from garden I had dried

( couldn’t tell you how much or what ones) if it smells like it will go use them. Advice from a friend.

Sautéed all veg ( but tomatoe )and herbs with olive oil   …hamburger did that in a separate pan..

then blend and enjoy.  It was good and another proud moment in my *I can do this cooking adventure.



Thanks a bunch for  stopping in !

Until next time bonnie sessions noncookcooks



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