Ok here I go !

This is my first attempt to share my world with you. Blogging I’m still not Sure what it is or what I’m doing  here ????

I’m a pilates teacher and nutrional coach that doesn’t cook😂

But what I’ve learned over and over again if you really want to get healthy and stay healthy you’ve gotta get those pots and pans out.. sorry to say as its not my Dream world either!

What I’ve learned is when eating out you have no control over what takes place in kitchen or what’s really on your plate. So hang on and more to come of sharing what has change me to even want to open my Kitchen cupboards and dirty up some pans! Believe me I still don’t find it a blast but heck it’s more fun as time goes on .

thanks for checking me out and hope to see you again soon for some crazy kitchen adventures and some great tips on healthy living.




Coach~Bonnie Sessions… noncookcooks


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4 Responses to Noncookcooks

  1. Diana says:

    Looking forward to your Bonnie Blog !

  2. Vicki Luccio says:

    Love it Bonnie….. Looking forward to more !!! 💕

  3. Kristen Bell says:

    Congratulations on publishing your blog, Bonnie! Look forward to your posts!

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