Coach Bonnie Sessions

Can you imagine waking up each day feeling full of energy and tackling life with gusto! Your body moves with ease and your mind sharp and clear.

Beware!! Doing Pilates sessions and Mindful Nutrition Coaching with Coach Bonnie is known for enhancing one’s quality of life, vitality, and the mind-body connection.

I believe in inspiring others to build and maintain a reliable, proactive health practice for the individual’s overall quality of living experience. Focusing on today of what you can do for your future self. After all, we all own our unique body gift. I help others seek out their personal best health while instilling no judgment — just doing. I do and will continually encourage body appreciation and love with progressions at a suitable pace for each individual.

You’ll experience a unique journey to a healthier, happier body.

online or in-person, the guided movement sessions provide a focused, calm, and positive experience. You’ll be energized as your body is renewed with strength, flexibility, and a keen sense of power.

Building better health and wellness since 1991.

True health starts from the inside. Feel better first, then looking better just falls into place.

What clients are saying

I started working with Bonnie 14 years ago and never looked back! I had been suffering from neck and back pain for over a year and nothing seemed to be working. A friend referred me to Bonnie and after a short time the pain was gone, and I was well on my way toward a stronger, healthier, and better life. Only problem was, I was hooked! And one day I brought my husband and then he was hooked! Whatever challenges life has brought us, Bonnie helped us through them. While I was active in sports, Bonnie helped me recover and prevent injury. When work kept me sitting at a desk all day, Bonnie taught me how to stay strong and aligned. When I wanted more energy to work and play, Bonnie taught me how to make healthy food choices and coached me through a lifestyle change. Over time, Bonnie has taught me to listen to my body and to give it whatever it needs so that I can enjoy all life has to offer. Kristen Ojai, CA 

There’s a sign in her studio “You’re just one workout away from a good mood,” and with Bonnie, it’s so true. Whether you’re working on health, fitness, or wellness, you will feel nothing but kindness, caring, and competent support. You always walk away feeling good about yourself and what your body can do. When you’re ready for a coach who understands your unique health and wellness goals and who can help you achieve them, I recommend giving Bonnie a call. Alan, Ojai,Ca

I have been training with Bonnie for almost 15 years now doing Pilates. She is an extraordinary trainer; respectful of my body needs and able to read what my body is doing. she sees where compensations are and able to correct them through movement. I am always grateful to her, my body leaves the session feeling better than when I came in. Tara B

I love Bonnie. She has such amazing ease to her delivery, and incredible knowledge. I am so grateful for her time, energy and commitment to helping all instructors grow in industry. She covered material that had a fresh approach to the existing exercises. Its easy to get stale ,so was refreshing and appropriate for out clients and studio. Jeni I California

Bonnie is an amazing teacher who has made my body so much more valuable and flexible- with her wonderful Pilates instruction and Nutritional classes. Connie

Words and Gifts can never repay the gifts that Bonnie has given to us: better health, longer lives, less pain, wisdom and knowledge. Peggy- Ventura, Ca

Bonnie is a wonderful Teacher-she knows just how far to push you to get maximum benefit. Her manner is gentle and non-competitive, while she keeps you focused on your body. She has a fun sense of humor with a positive attitude. I’m very glad that we found Bonnie and highly recommend her to anyone who wants help in looking better, and feeling better! Louise -Ojai,Ca