Pilates Weights & Fitness, Inc. is a fresh and vibrant fully-equipped pilates studio in the heart of beautiful Ojai.

Walking in the door one can leave the world behind as the space provides a focused, calm, and positive environment.

Pilates movement practitioners, Bonnie and Emma, are professionally trained and deliver sessions with positivity and energy. We take pride in our education, always working towards doing our best in honoring each individual’s uniqueness and personal needs. We stay focused on your goals and help to guide you towards a healthier, happier body.

To complete the package we now offer health and nutrition coaching with Coach Bonnie. ”True health starts from the inside. Feel better first, then looking better just falls into place.”- Coach Bonnie

We’ve been building better health and wellness since 1991.

Mindful Nutrition Coaching

Can you imagine waking up each day feeling full of energy and tackling life with gusto! Your body moves with ease and your mind sharp and clear.

Are you ready to open your mind to a new way of thinking about food, a new way of relating to food? This is not a diet … this is not a quick fix… this is sustainable change.

Nutritional Coaching offers a unique way to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Taking you on a journey to accept where you are today then begin building skills to move forward from this place with an ability to meet your true needs with clarity and certainty.